I am from

Written by my eleven-year-old daughter
Inspired by "Where I'm From" by George Ella Lyon

I am from a room full of toys with old blue carpet

Playing with neighbors, now life-long friends

I am from the smell of fresh baked cookies, filling the air

I feel a warm fuzzy when I hug my kitties, as soft as a blanket

I am from the wishing dandelions in the garden, the little ladybug I saw

The beautiful butterflies I watched them go

I'm from putting the star on the Christmas tree,
all the lights shimmering around

From watching my Dad spin my brother around,
that used to be me so long ago

I'm from licking the batter and spilling the sprinkles,
and slurping spaghetti on fun nights

I'm from saying "excuse me" and "yes ma'am or sir"

And watching "The Muppets" or "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown"

I'm from picking the best pumpkin in the patch
or picking the best Christmas tree

I'm from yummy croissants or macaroons,
all reminding me of my heritage

I'm from ice cream sundaes and apple pie, wondrous family foods

All the memories spilling out but quickly running away

Good times I used to have, I wish those times were now


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