Celebrate Your Story

Writing is freedom, claiming your authentic space, being solely and completely yourself. 

Writing is unfurling, exposing raw bits that have been clawing for air. 


People, experiences, and sufferings of the past that have defined us are silenced like devils with their tongues cut out.

In writing, we rule the world, if only for a blip in time. 

Backspace, delete, and white-out offer endless chances to tell our truths without interruption.

In writing, we are a slave to no one. 

We live what we create, and we create what we dream.

We have all the chances we need.

Each of us has a story to tell, whether real, made-up, or a bit of both.

Whether you choose to share your story alone, whispered in a journal, or out loud, bellowed from your laptop, you must tell it.

There is a place.
There is space.
There is time.

Inspired by the young writers featured at the WITS (Writers in the Schools) Gala on November 12, 2015, themed “A Celebration of Story.” 

It's the only gig in town where you can hear top notch poetry and win a tennis ball signed by Martina Hingis in the same night.


  1. Love this, how true...masters of of our own little universes! Civilizations rise and fall by our hand.

  2. Teaching children to express themselves in writing is so important. Thank you for your volunteering. Your idea "Backspace, delete, and white-out offer endless chances to tell our truths without interruption." has inspired a blog post.


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