You Are Here

You know that moment, when you forget that it’s now, and that you’re here? And you think that it’s then, and you’re there?

How time speeds up and slows down, all at the same time, and it’s highly invigorating, yet slightly unsettling?

Such is the effect of a certain song sung by a boy with a guitar on a Friday night.

Tonight, I’m sipping a Blue Moon with a slice of orange, and then it was a Franziskaner with a wedge of lemon.

Tonight, I’m sitting down at a table, and then I was bouncing around, part of a crowd with a life of its own.

Tonight, I’m content and confident.  Then, I was flailing and lost but enjoying the uncertainty of the ride.

Tonight, I’m a mother.  Then, I did everything not to be.

Tonight, I’m sitting next to my husband of sixteen years. Then, I wasn’t convinced I’d ever meet someone to take that title.

Tonight, I’m assured there’ll be no fights, drama, or tears. No wandering between bars because we don’t want to go home.

Tonight is not as electrically charged, memorably wild, or desperately free.

But tonight is so much better.

Tonight is older and wiser.

Tonight is loving what you have, instead of always looking.

Tonight is a deeply rooted calmness within that only comes when all the goblins have been chased away.

Tonight is deciding to be cool with ourselves.

Tonight is watching that boy with the guitar, remembering who he was, and who he is, realizing we are in the Second Half of our lives, and not being sad about it.

Tonight is discovering something/someone new and unexpectedly good, and realizing there’s still so much to see and hear in the Second Half.

Tonight is looking back with affection, and looking forward with anticipation.

And thankful for the inspiration.

Here's a clip from the boy with the guitar.  His name is Rhett Miller, and the song is "Big, Brown Eyes" by his band, Old 97s.  I also wrote about them HERE: "Celebrating 15 Years: The Soundtrack of a Single Girl."

And here is the something/someone new (to me) and unexpectedly good. Salim Nourallah, singer/songwriter/producer from Dallas.


  1. I recently had a similar night, where I reflected with gratitude on where I'm at now vs. where I was then. You captured my thoughts exactly (if more eloquently). :)

  2. "Tonight is deciding to be cool with ourselves." Indeed!

    1. It feels good to finally be cool, doesn't it?

  3. It's great to chase those goblins away. Sounds like a great night.

  4. This is so great. I was always worried Rhett Miller would die of alcoholism. Glad he's alive and kicking.

    1. Rhett is alive & kicking it good. In fact, he looks like he's in the best shape I've ever seen. He had so much energy on stage...way more than I could muster up late on a Friday night!


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