Christmas Sing-A-Long, Part Deux

It's almost Christmas, and if you're like me, you're behind the 8-ball.  In between parties, White Elephant Gift Exchanges, and gawking on Facebook at how much others have accomplished, I'll need to kick things into high gear this weekend.

For inspiration, I'm digging up more '80s Christmas favorites to help me get energized.  These tunes, in combo with my list from last year (that you can check out HERE), will have me wrapping, baking, and decking the halls in no time.

Last Christmas by Wham!

This lighthearted tune with surprisingly depressing lyrics always gets my toes tapping.  George Michael's big hair, tight pants, and pre-out-of-the-closet-lady-troubles are enough to make me wish for a reunion with Andrew Ridgeley.

Winter Wonderland - The Eurythmics

This is about as New Wave as Christmas can get.  Break out the hair gel and black eyeliner.

Frosty the Snowman - Cocteau Twins

Another New Wave offering.  As kooky as these folks are, this is a great version of this Christmas classic. Funky and fun, even the kids will be dancing along.

Rudoph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - The Smithereens

I'm envisioning Santa's reindeer, all in a row, rocking out to this with electric guitars.  Super fun song.

Thanks for Christmas - XTC

Happy, upbeat, lovely song.  Too bad it's such a rare find.  Can't get it on itunes, so I've had to stalk Sirius/XM's First Wave and pray that Richard Blade plays it for me.

Christmas Day - Squeeze

A faux-manger scene, Glen Tillbrook probably on drugs, close-ups of tinsel and boobs, you have to see THIS VIDEO to believe it.  And even though it was recorded in 1979, they've already graduated from the '70s and mastered the '80s attitude.

Shouldn't Have Given Him a Gun for Christmas - Wall of Voodoo

Remember the Mexican Radio people?  The video with the head in the pot of beans?  This is their Christmas song.  Enough said.

And on a happier note...

Must Be Santa - Brave Combo

Nothing says Christmas like a good polka.  Happiest, perkiest, accordian-iest holiday song ever. And they're from Denton, TX, which is the icing on the sugar cookie.

Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight) - The Ramones

If you need a laugh (and I know you do), watch this hysterical video of this crazy Jersey Shore '80s couple ripping each other to shreds.  And as bizarre and unexplainable as it is, I'll always agree with Riff Randell from Rock 'n Roll High School that The Ramones are totally hot.

I hope you enjoy these tunes and carve out some time to relax, think about the memories of Christmases past, and make enjoyable new ones for the future.

Wait, who am I kidding?  Nothing will ever top those '80s Holiday memories.

Cherish them, my friends.  Leg warmers may be back in, but the music ain't the same.


  1. I think the ramones did "these are a few of my favorite things" as well. -gem / disorderly wanderlust (as my phone is stuck on my work google)

    1. Ooh, I will have to hunt for that one, sounds good!

  2. I needed this trip down memory lane...
    No, the music ain't the same. ;)

    1. I think I permanently reside on memory lane... ;)

  3. Great Christmas song collection. Thanks for compiling it.

  4. I'm wondering if the demise of my Christmas spirit is due to the lack of Christmas songs I've listened to this year. You've planted earworms and I think my heart just grew like at the end of the Grinch. Maybe I'll get in the spirit yet :)

    1. I have been a little Grinchy this Christmas, as well. The tunes definitely help!

  5. Wow-I've heard the Wham song, but never saw the album cover. Too much!


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