Let's Find the Happy

Husband did a wonderful good deed and took the children to spend the night at his parents' house last night.  I got the whole evening to myself to eat whatever I wanted, do whatever I wanted, and watch whatever I wanted on tv. 

Since I hardly ever have control of the remote, as the tv is usually on Sprout, Disney, or ESPN, I decided to watch the news.  What a mistake that was...the government shutdown is ridiculous and depressing as hell.  Apartment fires and police chases are disheartening.  Murders and other assorted crimes are downright frightening.  The only reprieve in the gloom was the weather report which included the words "cold front."

So in order to muster up some happy today, I'm hooking up with some other bloggers to focus on The Good Things.  I promise we will find them.  And then maybe the bad things won't keep us awake tonight.

My 10 Happy Things:

  1. The 8 Days of Jenny.  Husband has been doing this since we first met, and I still get all giggly when it's time for me to pick a surprise for the day.  My birthday is on the 8th of October, and he gives me a gift every day, starting on the 1st.  Some gifts are small, like a Starbucks gift card, or a new power cord for my phone.  Just little things that I wouldn't normally get for myself.  Some gifts are bigger (yay!).  He puts them all in gift bags, and I get to pick one each morning.  How lucky am I??  No, he doesn't have a twin who's single, sorry, ladies.
  2. Wonderful family like Aunt Leslie, who will come babysit my children while we go out to dinner at a restaurant that does not serve chicken nuggets.
  3. No homework for my 3rd grader next week!!!  Yes, they're doing standardized testing, which is a whole other source of stress, but I'll take no homework any way I can get it.
  4. I may get to actually wear something long-sleeved tonight, thanks to the aforementioned cold front that is heading towards Houston.
  5. Waking up this morning all on my own, NO ALARM CLOCK.
  6. Having the opportunity to visit with several different friends this past week, in person and over the phone.  Love that I have such a diverse group of old and new buddies to do life with.
  7. Baby Boy getting the hang of potty training.  That is all I will say about this.
  8. The yard service we FINALLY hired, so that Husband doesn't have to spend all day Saturday avoiding us working in the yard.
  9. Finally coming out on the other side of a three-day Migraine From Hell.  Life is good when your head doesn't feel like it's going to explode.
  10. That I've had a few spare, quiet moments to put together this list of Happy Things and share the love with you!
What are you thankful for today?  Trust me, it feels gooood to think about it.
Ten Things of Thankful


  1. I am thankful for talented friends like you!

  2. Oww your migraine sounds awful - I'm so glad you've come out of it, and what a treat to find that you've come through in such good humour you've decided to link up with us - very pleased to read your list as part of our little hop.

    Your #1 made me smile as I read it. What a wonderful thing to do for you - he really sounds like a smashing chap :)

    No homework and potty trainedness both sound great, but I love that you take such pleasure in spending time with your friends. They really are the sunshine in life :)

    1. So glad to find your fun link-up! I was kind of stuck in a writing rut, and thinking and writing about things I'm thankful for was wonderfully therapeutic. Smashing chap...love that!

    2. You'll have to forgive me - I'll be popping up all over the place with Englishisms like that; the longer you hang with us, the more used to it you'll get - indeed, some members of the TToT are now positively blase about it, and I have to resort to arcane English to get a rise out of them ;)

      Glad to help you out of a rut - hate when that happens!

    3. pip pip...er cherios! (not sure why the British are so obsessed with our breakfast food...but they do so seem to enjoy it!)

    4. *snorts with laughter*

      I'm sure that 'Cheerio' was a term of farewell LONG before General Mills got ahold of it.

    5. And she's a Cinnamon Toast Crunch kind of girl....

    6. Y'all are too funny. I love your Englishisms, and I hope you can stand my Texanisms!

  3. Love this! Love your 8 days too. What a wonderful hubby! And happy birthday now, in case I forget on the 8th!

    1. Aw, thanks, Jen. I found this link up from your post and am so glad I did. It really made me happy to focus on 10 Happy Things!!

  4. What a wonderfully thoughtful husband you have! I have a hard enough time coming up with one gift for my husband on his birthday. I can't imagine 8. Although, with my birthday on the 21st, I wouldn't mind if my husband adopted this same tradition. :)
    I look forward to standardized test week each and every year. A week without homework is awesome. I don't even help my kids with their homework, but the house is just more relaxed without it. As for the stress of the test, I hate to hear when kids stress out about it. It's just a tool to see how the teacher can do a better job helping the student learn. I really wish I could get kids to see it simply as a week without homework.
    Yay for nearing the end of potty training. I find it to be the worst part of parenting. And I say this as a mother of 6 kids, the oldest being 15. Crossing my fingers for you both! :)
    Thanks for linking up with us. Going around reading about people's happiness each week just makes the weekend a little bit brighter.

  5. I am totally with you on (the nature of news and such) on TV! So much so that I have consciously avoided watching, listening to or otherwise being exposed to the newshouters and their relentlessly negative and distressing messages. good for you, as we say around the Doctrine 'it's them, not you!'
    nice list!

  6. So glad you joined our TToT blog hop, Jenny! I'm imagining you opening present #6 today - what is it? What is it?!
    I don't know which is worse: standardized tests with ridiculous expectations or mounds of nightly homework. I guess it depends on which one you are currently experiencing.
    Knocking on wood for you on that potty training thing.
    And I also suffer from migraines, as does my 14 year old daughter (and my mother and her father and his sister did, also - hereditary, you think?!). I don't have a prescription drug to take, but if I take 6 ibuprofen with a diet coke as soon as I get the blind spot that signals one is coming on, it at least lessens the headache a little.
    Have a wonderful week, and I do hope you'll join us next weekend!

  7. Migraines are the worst! Hope that your night of relaxation helped with the head. And your husband is the sweetest- I would love the 8 days of Kate!

  8. I love the b-day tradition! I have three separate days quite by accident ... I wasn't a ginormous baby or anything... as a matter of fact the three days are not even consecutive...long story....but the great thing is they all get celebrated. Welcome to the TToT! I love Lizzi's Britisisms as well!

  9. I love sleeping in and knowing there will be no alarm. But although I enjoyed your entire list (except the migraine part (ouch!)) I loved the first one where your husband celebrates 8 days of Jenny. How cool is that. My only wish would be that you were born on the 31st of the month! Just kidding. But wouldn't that be something. 31 days of Jenny instead of eight. But the 8 sure is rocking. Have fun--especially on your birthday. p.s. so glad your son is getting the hang of potty training. That was a red letter day in my house. linda@outoneear.com Am signing this because your blog (for some reason) won't allow me to use my blogging site: http://outoneear.com


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