Bugger Off, Victoria’s Secret, I’m Not Buying Your Undies Anymore

I’m sure your CEO may not lose any sleep tonight over this, but I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut today.  And I really am sad to part ways with you.
You started out a more tasteful version of Frederick’s of Hollywood.  A store where a nice girl wouldn’t be embarrassed to shop.
I grew quite fond of you in the 90s with the invention of the Wonder Bra, giving hope to flat-chested women across the globe. 
I’ve worn your robes, pajamas and pretty nightgowns throughout the better part of my 20s and 30s.
But I’ve been aging out of your target market for quite some time now.  And I must admit that I do feel out of touch with your brand and your products.  I really do like your plain cotton underwear, but that’s about where it ends.
And now I see that you have a line of lingerie called PINK that is targeted to college girls.  Skimpy panties and thongs with sayings like, “Wild,” and “Too Much Fun” written on them.  You even have an all-over lace number in “flirty” colors that you call “The Date Panty.”
Should we really be sending the message to college girls that they should prepare for their undergarments to be viewed and judged by that night’s date?  That is so wrong for so many reasons.
I did see one pair that says, “Hands Off.”  Now, I can get on board with that.
And as if encouraging young college girls to be promiscuous isn’t bad enough, you’re now going to start in on our little girls? Our children.  Our teens and pre-teens.  Yes, teenagers are children, people, as a friend reminded me today. 
Your new ad campaign called, “Bright Young Things” is blatantly going after the teen & pre-teen market.  (Read this article from the Culture &Media Institute to learn more about this.)
You featured Justin Bieber, an idol for the Disney Channel set, at your racy fashion show.  Your CFO has been quoted saying the following about targeting younger girls:
“They want to be older, and they want to be cool like the girl in college, and that’s part of the magic.”
It is not magical to me, at all, Mr. CFO, that you want a tween girl to wear undies that say, “Feeling Lucky?” on them.  It is disgusting, appalling and unimaginable.  What kind of a dirty old man are you?

And yet, you are laughing all the way to the bank.
Girls live in a world that tells them they are nothing unless they are something to a man.  Read this brilliant post from The Belle Jar if you want to think more on that topic.
This message is coming at our girls, loud and flashy from every angle, under the guise of fashion and being cool.  The internet and social media perpetuate the message and rub our girls’ (and boys!) noses in it with every waking breath they take, it seems.
There are many implications to this, especially given the Steubenville rape case in the news this week.  I don’t have the time or space to go into it now, but you already know that it’s all tied in together.
And from the perspective of an adult and a mother trying desperately to raise my children right, I just can’t be quiet about this.  It just seems wrong to sit back and not say anything.
So, I’ve started this petition on Change.org, and if you agree with me, I’d love for you to sign it.  And if you don’t agree with me, please quietly move along or respectfully tell me why.
Anyway, every time someone signs it, it automatically sends an email to VS Customer Service.  So, even if no one from VS cares about or responds to this issue, at least we’ll bug the crap out of them.
And since I’ll no longer be shopping at VS, can anybody tell me where to find some good, comfy cotton undies that don’t scream Granny Panties?  Many thanks in advance.



  1. YES YES YES! Thank you! Even though I have sons, I am mortified for my nieces everytime I peruse the little girl sections of various stores and only find Disney Pole Dancer clothes. As far as good underwear, I love the thicker cotton hipsters (camouflages mommy overhang tummy) you can get at Kohl's.

    1. I know, I really am shocked everytime I go out in the stores. So different from when we were kids. Thanks for the tip on the undies! :)

  2. Some of the phrases I've seen in the Pink line of panties- definitely NOT anything that a teen girl should wear!

    It's times like this when I am glad to have boys!

    1. Am looking forward to NOT having these issues with my second child, who is a boy. But of course, there are other issues...


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