Nostalgia Neurosis

Help!  I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!  Fallen Into the 80s, that is.  Currently, I’m stuck somewhere in the time warp between 1987 and 1988, thanks to Husband’s college reunion last weekend. 

This really isn’t healthy.  Or is it?  Let’s explore.

It all started with the Psychedelic Furs concert last month.  The situation was exacerbated by Rick Springfield.  The Madonna concert is tomorrow night, and then I’m going to meet (OMG!) John Taylor of Duran Duran at his book signing on Friday.
I may never come back, people.  And really, why would I?  What do I have to come back to, besides dirty diapers and mounds of laundry?  I mean, I love my family to pieces, but sometimes it gets to be a little much, you know?
On occasion, I crave that time in life before everyone needed me so very much.  Life before wrinkle cream and SPANX, when I could spend my time however I liked, instead of chauffeuring my kids around, cooking and cleaning up after everyone. 
I know, I am highly selfish to express these sentiments.  And all you perfect mommies out there, do me a favor:  don’t even waste your time leaving me a nasty comment, because I will immediately delete it and pray that God gives you empathy and a sense of humor STAT. 
But seriously, why do we, as humans, love reunions and nostalgia-associated music and paraphernalia so much?  For me, it is the significance of staying connected to whom and what made me what I am today.  The music, the cultural influences, the friends and acquaintances that inspired me and influenced different phases of my life are still relevant to me.
Each artist, song, person or thing is like a separate key on a big jangly key-chain in my brain.  And each unlocks a small doorway to a memory.  Some good, some not as good.  But the point is, it keeps my brain fluid.  Constantly in motion.  Instead of stagnant in the present tense, which can sometimes feel stifling and mediocre.
I realize that in another twenty years, this very moment will be among the most cherished: the time when my children were young, and shaping their lives was my number one priority.  But for now, looking back on when I was number one to myself is like noshing on a little nostalgia that’s as smooth as Belgian chocolate.
Sometimes it gets me through a day of whining and monotony without running for the hills, with nothing more than a bottle of wine and my Kindle. 
And that can only be a good thing, right?
I promise to snap out of it soon and get back to my scullery maid duties.  The pots and pans await.
Do you have episodes of nostalgia neurosis?  Or are you a strictly live-in-the-moment type of person? 


  1. As the husband to a wife that is still living in the 80's, I feel ya' ;-)

  2. ...they tell her that she's uncool, cause she's still preoccupied with...

    1. I love that song!! And I am definitely venturing into uncool territory.

  3. I will literally stop in my tracks if a wave of nostalgia hits me. I am especially emotionally affected by music - I remember where I was, the video on MTV, what grade I was in - everything.

    Nostalgia is good. It gives us layers.


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