Going to the Chapel: 15 Years Later

August 30, 1997
All the emotions of the evening, nervousness, joy and relief, released as we burst through the doors and into a shower of paper rose petals.
I remember this moment so well, fifteen years ago today.  I remember our parents’ faces, a bittersweet mix of joy and sadness at letting us go.  I remember my Dad’s parting words: “Make him be good to you.” 
It was the beginning of our story, and we didn’t know what was to come, but we were bursting with hope and aspiration.  Isn’t this how most marriages begin? 
We couldn’t predict the struggles we would encounter over the next fifteen years:  job loss, infertility, the loss of a parent.  But we also couldn’t imagine the blessings we would receive:  home ownership, success through IVF (in vitro fertilization), a surprise 40th birthday baby, careers back on track.
Reflecting back on what has been the glue of our marriage, I believe it’s what’s captured in this photo:  the fundamental happiness we share when we’re together, whether it’s doing nothing or doing something.  The fact that we enjoy many of the same things, like going to see live music or just staying home to clean out the DVR of Top Chef episodes. 
We are, by no means, perfect.  We get on each other's nerves from time to time.  But by keeping God at the center of our family, I believe we have stayed on-track, committed, and working towards the promise that we will still know and love each other after our children are grown and gone.
So, although I’ve poked fun at him (which he's a good sport about, by the way!) with this old post That Darn Y Chromosome, I can honestly attest that He Gets the Big Stuff Right, which was my follow up post to appease the male-ego gods.
To my better half and one-and-only, Happy Anniversary, and I look forward to many more. 
I know my Dad would be pleased today.


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