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Everyone who knows me and my little blog can confirm that I am generally not a "review" blogger.  Although I have been approached by companies to plug their wares, I have yet to receive an incentive great enough to risk sullying my reputation as a serious writer…ha, ha.
Anyway, in Texas we try to keep things light in the summertime.  So I’m postponing my regularly scheduled Pulitzer-prize-winning-tear-jerker in favor of a short list with a few of my favorite things.  A little TGIF, if you will.

Category #1:  Eye Candy - Jewelry

Fig Tree Jewelry (

Fresh, new looks from my friend, Sarah Austin.  She designs each piece with an urban or cottage chic feel.  And she has a special offer for my readers:  use coupon code BLG at checkout for a 10% discount!  Here are a few of my favorite pieces:
Turquoise Drop Gold Hoop Earrings
Sterling Labradorite Bracelet
Labradorite Drop with Smoky Quartz on Sterling Chain

Run on over there and check her out!

Category #2: Eye Candy - Food

I originally saw this on my friend Julie's facebook page, because her husband, Brook Syers, had gone bonkers over this recipe.  I decided to pin "Lunchbox Brownies" because that's where I save all the new recipes I want to try. 

OK, you know how when you pin something on Pinterest, maybe three or four people will repin it?  This has been repinned over 1,000 times!  The owner of the blog (Global Brownie Ambassador) sent me a thank you message telling me her site had been going bananas ever since I pinned it.  The power of social media, people!

I have tried these brownies personally, and they do not disappoint!  Just be sure to have your cardiologist and personal trainer on speed-dial.

Lunchbox Brownies from "Out of the Box Brownies"
Cook's notes:  I used "Turtle" cookie dough, with caramel and pecans.  It makes it extra good.  And be sure and wait until the brownies cool completely to eat.  They are surprisingly better after they've cooled.

Category #3:  Eye Candy - Dudes

I call this my "Tiger Beat for Mommies" Pinterest board:

Don, if your car broke down, I'd gladly give you a lift.

I don't condone smoking, but dang, this pic of R-Patz makes me wanna light up.
R-Lowe is the R-Patz for us old ladies who remember crushing on him in St. Elmo's Fire.
And this is just funny.

Silly, I know.  Yet, thoroughly satisfying.

Alrighty, that's probably enough eye candy for today. 

One can only take so much perfection in life!

We now return to our regularly scheduled, non-perfect programming...

Linking up with Just Jennifer for a fun TGIF!


  1. Tiger Beat for Mommies! Yes! Seriously, you could start a whole series there. Thanks for linking up!

    1. I could definitely do a whole series...I never get tired of adding faces to that list! :)

  2. LOVE that bracelet.

    But let's be honest. I LOVE those dudes. Every single one of them. I'd have to add Johnny Depp to your list, and probably Jon Bon Jovi, but I must say it is pretty perfect!


    1. Yep, I'm on board with Johnny and Jon! I was lucky enough to meet Jon Bon Jovi when I was 15! I must say he was not that friendly, but that was a long time ago. Richie Sambora was the nicest of the group.

  3. Great post! Those brownies sound awesome! I want chocolate. :)

  4. LOVE IT. Especially that last picture. He's my favorite.

  5. NEVER get enough of Don Draper! Thanks for the treat! :)

  6. Hey, Mamarific! It's me, the Global Brownie Ambassador. Just wanted you to know how much you helped "share the brownie love" all over the world. My Lunchbox Brownie recipe now has been seen nearly 10,000 times, with more than 5,000 repins on Pinterest. Thanks for creating world peace through chocolate! -Denise Leo


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