And the Oscar Goes To...


Ha, not quite.  But I've always wanted to hear those words.

Let's try this again.

And the Liebster goes to...

ME!  That's more like it.

I am super honored that Lacey at ...And They Call Me Mommy deemed my humble little blog worthy of this very fun award.  It made my day, since I've not received an award since I won 3rd Place in the Science Fair in 1979 with a paperclip experiment.

I think this is way cooler.

And now it's time to hopefully make someone else's day, so here are my 5 picks:

So, you've been nominated?  Click here to find out what to do next!

And last but not least, here's the really fun get to read five random facts about me. You know you want to.

1.  I know how to use a gun, and I'm a pretty good shot, thanks to my brother who was in the Secret Service.
2.  Some of my favorite things in the world are chocolate, wine, the 80's and the Food Network.
3.  I can play the piano...Mozart, Beethoven and even a little Duran Duran.
4.  I can do voices.  Not like creepy voices in your head, like cartoon/people voices.  Think Apu on The Simpsons.  Or Eddie Murphy in Coming to America.
5.  I was 40 before I figured out what I want to be when I grow up...a writer, of course!


  1. Love it! And I think you're brilliant for deciding you want to be at writer at 40! See how much wiser you are already?

  2. AW! Thank you for nominating me! Definitely going to have to check that out! Thank you so much!

    Stephanie Pires
    Trying To Be Super Mom

  3. Thank you to my husband and Monkey Man for allowing me to sometimes publicly humiliate them on my blog, not that they have a choice as I don't ask permission. Thank you to my parents for not disowning me when I use an occasional potty mouth word on that blog. And thank you to Jennifer! I am humbled. This is the best award since I came in 2nd place in the Spelling Bee in 7th grade! Pam @ You Are Kidding Me! and Memos from Mom

  4. You sound like too much fun! I love that you can play Duran Duran on the piano, but you had me @ #2 w/your favorite things! :)

  5. Congrats and HOW FUN! You can shoot a gun AND play piano?!?

    I love it! You're the girl!

    1. And I totally would have bestowed this highly esteemed award on you, Miss Sassy Redhead, except this one's for the little people. Maybe someday I will be bigtime like you ;)

  6. Thank you so much! I promise to pass it along soon! I'm really honored!


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