Letter to a Younger Me

What would you tell yourself, if you could go back in time and have a little one-on-one with your teenaged self? Have you ever thought about it? I think about it a lot, for some reason. Turning 40 gave me permission to own my past: the good, the bad and the ugly. But if I could give my then-young self some words of advice, here’s what I’d say:

1. Know who you are. Own it and love it. Stop trying to be like, dress like, talk like other people whom you deem more interesting than you are. Hint, hint…they are faking it, too. Just do what you like, listen to what you like and be friends with whom you like. Being authentic is better than being popular.

2. Realize that when you do this, not everyone will be OK with it. There will be people who don’t like that you’re not agreeing with them. There will be people who challenge you when you go against them. And there will be people who will persecute you when you reveal them. Stay strong. Lean on your faith and your true friends. This too shall pass.

3. Things that are important in high school and college are really not important in real life. In 20 years, no one will care that you weren’t a cheerleader or in the best sorority or a debutante. In fact, a good amount of those “perfect” girls will end up married to rich assholes who play golf every weekend and cheat on them. Yes, they will all drive Range Rovers and vacation in Europe, but they’re miserable. Trust me on this.

4. Always try to be patient and kind with people. Even when you are right and they are wrong. Try to take the high road. Be humble or chance being humbled.

5. Use your voice. You know how Mom & Dad always say not to “rock the boat”? Go ahead, rock it. If it’s in the name of truth or love, your conscience will never be at peace unless you speak out and do what’s right.

6. Don’t be a slacker. Just because you hate your job, you have a lousy boss and you make barely more than a worker at McDonalds, always do your best. Do not slack off or take the easy way out. Long after your co-workers have forgotten about it, you will still feel badly about it.

7. Alcohol: don’t drink so much. Really bad things can happen when you’ve had too much to drink. No further explanation needed.

8. Keep the faith. Continue doing exactly what you’re doing, because everything turns out the way it’s meant to be. Don’t worry so much. Give it to God. The things that are supposed to happen will happen, in the way and time they’re supposed to happen.

And one last thing…coloring a strand of your hair red with a Crayola marker to try and look punk is not a good look for you.  Stick with preppy.  It stands the test of time.


  1. I concur 100%! Be who you are; own it! Don't apologize for being who you are. People will like you or not. You have to look yourself in the mirror every day & answer to God. Aside from that, screw what's popular. Follow your heart, answer to God & ALWAYS be true to yourself ... It's your unique gift!

  2. LOVE this...and you are so right on every point.

    So, so right.

    #4 is good. The world needs a little more patience and kindness these days. Both of those things go a loooong way with me.

  3. I concur... "Wish I know back then what I know now" is a line that's so true... I love this post of yours.. Glad I found you on the weekend bloghop..

  4. Those are excellent points to touch on- especially #1.

    Stopping by from the Friday Hop to say hello.

  5. Yeah, I told my stuff to my daughter and she did a lot better than me. Visiting from the FNF hop and followed you! Come visit me:)

  6. All wonderful points, I wonder if we would listen to the points as our younger self? I am going to try and at least share my life's lesson points with my children and hope it helps. Found you on the blog hop. Great blog and so glad to have found you!

    1. Thanks and glad you found me! Following you back. Love your site...good reminder that no matter how old our girls get, they will always be princesses!

  7. Hi, Visiting from Make My Morning Blog Hop! What a great list - the one that really stands out for me is #2. That's a lesson that even adults need to remember. Thx for sharing and have a great day! I'm going to catch up with you on Twitter. Cheers :) Renee


  8. What a great, thoughtful post. I saw your link on the MMM blog hop, I've added you to my google reader and am now following. Stop by my blog sometime and say hello if you like :)



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