Happy RAK Day

NEWSFLASH:  Today is “Random Acts of Kindness Day.”  Apparently we need a national holiday to make people be nice to each other.  Not surprising.  I’ve seen various lists floating around the internet and facebook, so I thought I better come up with my own or risk being labeled randomly unkind.  You’re supposed to write 5-10 acts of kindness that you can perform over the next week or month.  And you’re even encouraged to keep track of acts that you do but were not on your original list.  OK, I think keeping track defeats the purpose.

But anyway, here’s my list, in no particular order:

·         Replace Hubby’s bar of Irish Spring in the shower that is down to a sliver.  Random Act of Kindness?  Maybe.  Reality?  I don’t want him dirtying up my nice, white bar of Dove soap.

·         Fixing Hubby a cup of coffee before work in his special travel mug.  RAK?  Maybe.  Reality?  If we skip the coffee mug step, that’s one less dish I have to clean.

·         Offering my daughter a piece of candy from my box of Valentine’s chocolates.  RAK?  Maybe.  Reality?  If I offer it to her, instead of waiting for her to ask, I can give her the piece I don’t like.

·         Volunteering to take or pickup said daughter from somewhere.  RAK?  Maybe.  Reality?  I just want to be in the car alone, so I can listen to The Ramones.

·         Picking up someone’s cell phone they left on the bench at the park and returning it.  RAK?  Maybe.  Reality?  If I don’t pick it up, my toddler will beat me to it and stick it directly in his mouth.  Ick.

In all seriousness, we can all benefit from Random Acts of Kindness.  Wouldn’t it somewhat restore your faith in humanity if a sweet older lady were to let you go in front of her in the check-out line because she sees that you are toting a toddler who is about to lose it?  Not that this has ever happened to me.  But I’m not giving up hope.

So for the next week or month, however long I can hold out, I’m going to try and pull my head out of my own selfish self and keep my eyes open for opportunities to make someone else’s day just a little bit better.  Whether it’s an unsolicited compliment, letting them cut in front of me in line or just smiling at someone who looks like she needs to see a friendly face.

How will you celebrate?


  1. Well, I'm feeding my neighbors cat this week while they had to take a little emergency trip back to the wife's hometown.

    This neighbor believes in playing their music so loud I can sing along with Elton. Or Beyonce'. Or Aerosmith. Or just whoever the musical choice of the week is.

    My RAK will be to not accidentally let that cat out.

    1. Hahaha, sounds like your RAK for the entire neighborhood may be to cut their stereo wires, too!

  2. Yep, I love the idea of RANDOM acts of kindness but I have a huge issue with a DAY set aside for it. Also, look up the word random. Is an act of kindness random if we're being exhorted upon to write lists or pass along cards that say, "You've been hit by a random act of kindness. (This was done at my son's school.) To me this taught the kids that a so-called random act of kindness needs to be acknowledged so everyone knows how freakin awesome you are. Because, of course, children must always be praised and told they're fabulous and.... Grrrrrrr.

    1. Yeah, I agree. We don't need a day set aside for it. Kindness should be part of our daily lives, and we should not seek credit for it. Yuck.

  3. OH MY GOSH this is hilarious!!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!! Loved every one! And the one about the candy... yeah, that was my favorite!

    1. Thanks, April! Just got a box of chocolates for Christmas, so I'll be offering the coconut ones to my sweet girl... :)


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