Overkill is Killing Me

It’s Friday morning, and I’m sitting here looking at my family’s schedule of events for the upcoming weekend.  Am also looking at the next few weeks (dare I peek?)  to prepare myself for the horror to come.  And now I need either a glass of wine or some Pepto-Bismol to help me digest what’s going to be thrown at me between now and 2012.

Yes, I am Scrooging-out again, but I tell you, it is really impossible not to be anxious.  And I’m sitting here wondering if anyone else out there is enjoying being overscheduled?  If the answer is no, please feel free to contact me directly, and we can stage a revolt, á la Occupy Wall St.  Except we’ll actually have a purpose…STOP THE MADNESS!

Now, my idea of a perfect weekend is one or maybe two organized activities on the books, allowing for plenty of relaxing family time (Mom, I’m bored!) and spontaneous outings (OK, let’s go get ice cream!).  How often do I get a perfect weekend?  During the school year, they are few and far between.  Thanks to sports (but she HAS to play soccer!), birthday parties (but she HAS to go to that party!), and church and church-related activities (but she HAS to do choir!), adult social functions (but we have to attend that dinner!) we are left completely exhausted by Sunday night. 

Yes, every single thing we did was fun and important, in its own right.  But all added up, how can these things be fulfilling us when they are draining us?  As an introvert, my body requires downtime to recharge my sanity battery.  And right now the sanity battery is on red.

And then you know what happens during the holidays…every single club, organization or group you or your children belong to will have a Holiday event.  On top of all the regular events.  So the weeks leading up to Christmas will include: Christmas concert at school, Christmas concert at church, Christmas party for dance class, Christmas party for neighborhood, Christmas party for work, Christmas event for Girl Scouts, and on and on and on.  And this is all on top of regular homework, regular afterschool activities and the regular birthday parties. 

And don’t forget that we are supposed to be shopping for gifts during all of this, not to mention decorating and baking!  And entertaining friends and family!  And getting in the holiday spirit!  It seems like the more activities I plan in order to get in the “spirit” (but we have to go to the Nutcracker!) the more tired I am because of all the extra stuff thrown on top of all the regular stuff, which is already too much stuff.

And we’re so busy, we’re not eating right, consuming too much junk, not getting enough sleep, and often drinking too much eggnog (how else are we supposed to get through these things?).  We get so run down, and then comes the final nail in the coffin…a cold, or worse yet, the flu. Three strikes, you’re out!  But instead of using it as an excuse to bow out. stay home and relax, so many people continue to drag along like a cart with the wheels falling off. I’m OK!  I can still make it to that dinner party—sneeze, sneeze, cough, cough.  Thanks for sharing!

I really don’t have an answer, folks.  I just try and do my best to get through it each year.   According to all the perfect mommies out in cyberspace who commented on my holiday post, birdseed wreaths, webcams and an Excel spreadsheet will solve all my problems.  I’m surprised no one mentioned Xanax.   I would love to know how many manufactured smiles around town this time of year are courtesy of a pharmaceutical company.

Maybe I need to jump on that bandwagon, too.  Cheers!


  1. That's awesome, Jen! Amen, hallelujah, praise God one of us mommies has the guts to say what all harried mommies are thinking! Yes, the holidays are an amazing time for all, but did anyone wonder why New Years is so close to Christmas? Obviously, a new year is an important event, but I'm convinced that people celebrate & hype it up so b/c our butts are dragging so badly from running around like holiday turkeys with our heads cut off (pun intended). After 4 weeks of Thanksgiving/Christmas mayhem we all need an excuse to let loose & purge ourselves of the holiday monkeys, no make that GORILLAS, on our backs. Thanksgiving dinner, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, December birthdays, Christmas parties (i.e. school, work, church), school Christmas programs all make for a level of unparalleled mommy frenzy. I think families deserve an extra Labor Day holiday immediately after the holidays w/ everything closed so we are all forced to unplug & just BE at home! Who's with me? That would be sheer heaven... no commitments, just a relaxing day at home with our families. Pure bliss.
    ~ Toni

  2. I'm with you on the extra holiday. Preach on, sister!!

  3. Oh, yes. I get all of that.

    And I don't even have kids!!

    But I have nieces with all of their school/church/girl scout functions, then there's the office holiday parties and then there's always 1-2 holiday happy hours...the list never ends.

    I get it.

    As a matter of fact, today I am supposed to be at a holiday house warming thing (who makes this crap up??). I had to skip it though. I'm tired of draining myself.

    And I'm guilty of slapping on a manufactured smile once or twice when it gets too much.

    You are soooo not alone!


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