Merry Christmas to ME!

Christmas 2011 is turning out to be pretty darn great.  I just received a package in the mail from DURAN DURAN.  You heard me.  As a proud member of the DD VIP Fan Club (ha, ha!), I apparently won a drawing for a rare edition of Harper’s Bazaar with DD on the cover.  Not sure what I did to even be entered in this contest, but I guess they just drew a name out of a hat, and I got lucky.  That is really going around in our family lately, the hat-draw luck.  That’s how Big Sister got her “Mary” gig in the Christmas play, you know.
Anyway, this beautiful, wonderful, shiny, slick magazine hit my counter with a soft thud, barely escaping the grabbing, sticky hands of Baby Boy by less than an inch.  I quickly pulled it out of his reach, causing him to howl inconsolably.  I’m sorry, you can scream all you want, but you are NOT getting your grubby little hands on this work of art.  Is anything in this house sacred?  Not much, I’ve learned.

The magazine cover is quite striking.  And as I gazed at it, it occurred to me that John Taylor may have possibly touched it.  Or breathed on it.  It’s not likely, but it’s POSSIBLE.  Life is all about possibilities, people.  Believe with me in faith.

Hubby walked into the kitchen and ALMOST picked it up before I shrieked, “DON’T TOUCH IT!!!”  As if we’re in an episode of “24”, and it’s a nuclear bomb that’s about to go off.  When questioned about why he couldn’t pick it up, I shared my JT touching-breathing theory, and he responded, “Yeah, he may have.  He might have even kissed it, ha, ha!”  GASP!  I hadn’t even thought of that.  AAAHHHHHH! *high-pitched crazy girl squeal*  “Get a grip,” Hubby says,  ‘it was probably some lowly-peon-intern who mailed it to you.” Thanks a lot, Mr. Buzzkill.

Then I decide to try and find out more details about why/how I received this Gift from Above, so I head to the DD website.  And there on the front page of the DD website is MY NAME, in black and white!  Congratulating me on winning this “rare” magazine.  OK, so I’m not really sure what the big deal is about this magazine, but who cares, I never win anything.

But, hold up, MY NAME is on their website…do you know what this means??  It’s POSSIBLE that John Taylor may have read my name as the winner.  Somebody get me a paper bag…I can’t breathe!  You know, I’m sure he sits around reading his own website and probably thought to himself, “who is this intriguing lass called Jennifer A. who won our contest?  Ring her up for me right this instant!”

The phone was probably disconnected when he called, due to Baby Boy’s obsession with unplugging things and trying to electrocute himself.

What is the significance of this seemingly unimportant little package I received?  Here it is:  I was selected to receive something SPECIAL, something that INTERESTS me, something that I did not have to pick out, order and wrap myself.  For one brief moment in time, someone else was thinking of me, even if it was a lowly-peon-intern at Duran Duran headquarters. 

So, thank you John Taylor (or lowly-peon-intern) for acknowledging me, surprising me and giving me a reason to take a 5-minute break from my regular rounds of picking up trash and replacing empty Kleenex boxes and toilet paper rolls (WHY am I the only one in this house who does this???).

I’ll take what I can get, and you have made my Christmas.


  1. That is awesome! =) Congrats on your unexpected gift!! May the luck continue!

  2. WHOA! Are you kidding?!? This is major stuff...I mean, it's Duran Duran!!

    Congrats on! You lucky dog!


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