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Don't You Forget About Me - 30th Reunion Edition

Journey’s iconic opening keyboard riff soared from the DJ’s speakers, permeating all four corners of the packed bar, and the crowd noise died down a bit in reverence.
Just a small town girl Living in a lonely world She took the midnight train Going anywhere
Like any good song will do, it got under my skin, and conversations around me began to fade away as I sang along with the classic lyrics.
I closed my eyes and was instantly transported back to the dark auditorium at our brother school on a Friday night after the football game.
I dug my clammy hands in the front pockets of the Guess jean jacket I’d bought with my own babysitting money. All the other girls had blue denim jackets, but mine was black because that’s all I could find at the discount store where my mother insisted we shop.
Here I was at my first high school dance, and being at an all-girls school, we cherished these opportunities to mingle with the opposite sex. But all the careful planning and preparation didn’t seem…

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