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Dismantling the Nest

I took one last look around, searching for a stray scuff mark I’d missed with the Magic Eraser or a dust bunny in need of capturing, but all appeared to be in order. I’d swept and scrubbed, laboring to erase all traces of my messy family from the premises for the new tenants. Oh and I wanted my security deposit back, too.
I’d picked bobby pins out of the carpet upstairs in my daughter’s room, rescued a crayon from under the kitchen cabinet, and even found an old package of nighttime Pull-Ups in the back of the bathroom closet. A lot had happened in the eighteen months we’d lived in this place. I came here with a just out of Pre-K boy (who apparently still had to wear nighttime diapers…I’d forgotten all about those) and an eleven year-old girl, and I’m leaving with a First grader and a Teenager, God help me.
This has been a time of limbo for our family, living in this rented townhome while we remodeled our family home of nine years. We weren’t overly thrilled to be in this temporary s…

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