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I Am Not Old

You Know You’re Old When…
The Hallmark Channel, HGTV, and PBS are the only entertainment options you can stomach.
You are the only person in your office who has heard of Crane stationery or Pyrex dishes.
Icons who defined your youth are dying.
Things haven’t been the same for me since David Bowie died. But at least he lived a good, long life, as they say. Today, we learned that Luke Perry, of 90210/Riverdale fame, died after suffering a stroke at the TENDER AGE OF 52. Which is just a few years older than the candles on my last birthday cake.
TBH (as the kids say), I’m not handling this well.
How could Dylan McKay - yes, I still think of Luke as his handsome, bad-boy character on my favorite tv show from the 90s – have had a STROKE? And DIED?
Strokes are for long-standing matriarchs and dreadfully ancient great-uncles.
Death is for old people.
I am not old.
I am still running around in my cute Rachel haircut, wearing high-heeled wedge mules and consuming large quantities of cheap beer…

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