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'Only in Dreams'

What do you do when you find out twenty-four hours before the Duran Duran concert that your friend got you a back stage pass? And you have a job and kids and no time to seek professional help in transforming from drab to fab? You head to the corner drug store (yes, I am super fancy like that) and buy $30 worth of beauty products that promise to make you look like you’ve stepped off a runway. 

And then you realize that no matter how much effort you put in, you’re still just going to be little-old-you in twenty-four hours.
Will that be enough?

I loofahed, buffed, and shined myself into a frenzy, alternating between You Tube tutorials on how to put in contact lenses (must ditch the glasses!) to how to apply fake eyelashes. In the end, the lashes won and the contacts lost, and I resigned myself to the librarian look or blindly groping through the meet and greet.

As it turns out, I did receive professional intervention, in the form of my dear friend who has styled my hair for the past twe…

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