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Roaring Into the ‘20s

And if by roaring, you mean watching the Valero Bowl, tucked up in my jammies drinking prosecco, then yes.

Hear me roar.
This holiday has been a weird one, for some reason. We have never felt less prepared for Christmas, thanks to too much work and not enough hours in the day, and yet, Christmas came. People survived without getting an overabundance of shiny packages to unwrap. I myself was perfectly happy to receive a set of good steak knives and a box of chocolates, which is sure sign I’m approaching fifty.
I was born in 1970, so landmark birthdays always line up with the turn of another decade. Reflecting back on 2010-2019, it was the decade of my son, my youngest child. His birth, and all the milestones that go along with childhood, school, sports. And now the transitional phase of closing out elementary school and the impending fate of middle school.
Personally, it hasn’t always been easy. Having a baby a month shy of forty put me in a different classification, different genera…

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