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Onward & Upward

It’s that time of year again where I get teary for no reason at the drop of a hat. Driving through the carpool line realizing my son will be going upstairs with the big kids next year at school. Seeing pictures of the sweet little four year old neighbor girl on Facebook who used to trick-or-treat at our house dressed like a fairy is now donning a cap and gown receiving her college diploma. 
My firstborn is heading to HIGH SCHOOL. How can this be? 
The clich├ęd sentiment of “where does the time go” is so real, it slaps me in the face like the stench of my growing boy’s sweaty baseball cleats. Hang on tight, Mamas, it’s that time of year.
I scrape and fish the dirty socks out from under a backpack that’s wedged in the corner of the room, careful not to grasp them with more than my thumb and forefinger in order to limit the surface area of my hand that’s contaminated. 
Next, without thinking, I grab an unidentifiable dark cloth-like mass off the floor and raise it to my nose to see…

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